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A Map of Outdoor Destinations in San Francisco Where Social Distancing May Be Possible

[Updated March 28, 2020 – Many outdoor destinations have now been closed, including all Parks in Marin County and parking lots at Ocean Beach, Beach Chalet, and Marina Green in San Francisco. I’ve updated the map to reflect this, added more locations for coverage throughout the city, and taken a more cautious attitude towards assessing the suitability of locations for social distancing.]

Given our current Shelter in Place order and the continually escalating COVID-19 situation, it’s clear that the best option is to stay at home whenever possible. However, given the reality of small San Francisco apartments, it’s also clear that many people will choose to go out for exercise as long as it’s allowed.

So, the goal of this map is to help San Franciscans find free outdoor spaces where it may be possible to exercise while maintaining the legally required 6′ of distance from anyone outside your own household. You can filter for destinations by your accessibility needs (stroller, easy walks, and hikes) and by–very roughly–how crowded they tend to be. Of course, if your chosen destination is crowded, please keep moving until you find a more suitable spot.

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Some of the city’s most popular parks (and of course all playgrounds) are not included on this map, since they’re often so busy that I didn’t feel comfortable recommending them at all. Also, the city is encouraging everyone to stick to outside areas within walking distance of our own homes and has closed parking lots at many major destinations. You can find the newest info on closures at the top of the SF Recreation + Parks website.

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If you’re looking for some ideas to make all these forests, fields, and cemeteries a little more lively, check out this list of social distance-friendly outdoor toys. Littldata also has a list of indoor toy and activity ideas (including some that are great for patios and backyards). Finally, if you’re among the billions of people currently staying home due to COVID-19, here are the three easiest things you can do to help your family meet some of the physiological, psychological, and social needs that we typically address by going out into the world.

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