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A Visual Calendar of 2021 Summer Camps in San Francisco

This is a listing of in-person 2021 summer camps in San Francisco, with a visual calendar for playing mental Tetris with session dates.

It’s extra difficult to figure out summer camps in San Francisco this year because of the Department of Public Health’s 3 week session minimum, and because camps are all in different stages of releasing information as final guidelines roll out.

So I created a calendar-style listing that lets you visually compare session dates between camps, organized by age and location, which I’ll update as I see more camps open registration. (Last updated 4/1/2021)

Check it out, share it with your friends, and please encourage them to join Littldata’s mailing list so they don’t miss out on future goodies to help parents solve their family’s logistical challenges. I’m hoping to share content here more regularly, some for San Francisco parents and some for parents everywhere.

About Littldata: Littldata’s goal is to help parents figure out their family logistics by sharing tools such as maps, calendars, lists, and spreadsheets–as well as research-backed blog posts and data graphics. If you have feedback or ideas for future content that you’d like to see, please contact Lian at!

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3 comments on “A Visual Calendar of 2021 Summer Camps in San Francisco

  1. Rebecca Vyduna

    HI there! This was the most awesome thing ever! Will you be recreating it for 2022? Fingers crossed!!


    • Thanks so much! Probably not—I’m working full-time now and I don’t expect that we will have the same 3 week requirement that made scheduling so complex last year.


  2. I would love to if I can, but just being realistic 😅—the links to camps and the age ranges are often consistent year to year, though.


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