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In California, There Are Two New Ways You May Be Eligible Now

If you're even an ounce overweight, have other medical conditions that don't quite meet state-wide criteria, or live in a lower-income area, you may be eligible today.

Californians aged 50+ will be eligible to make a vaccine appointment starting April 1, and on April 15, it’ll be open to everyone 16+. Until then, California’s current eligibility tiers still apply, although several counties are already vaccinating everyone 50+ and there are two other less-known exceptions that I wanted to share in case they help you:

  • If you’re even an ounce overweight or have high blood pressure, asthma, or other medical conditions that don’t quite meet the state-wide requirements, you may still be able to get vaccinated at Kaiser. Click here and choose the “High-risk groups” tab. If you’re eligible but not a Kaiser member, you’ll need to take this extra step. (Note: San Diego has adopted this same expanded medical eligibility list, and San Franciscans with a BMI of 30+ can skip Kaiser and book their appointment directly at, even though the interface doesn’t indicate this.)
  • If you live in a lower-income area (anywhere blue on this map), vaccinators now have the leeway to give you a jab even if you don’t meet any other eligibility criteria. This depends on availability and each site’s discretion, so call ahead, show up with your eligible family member to their appointment, or stop by a walk-in clinic.

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Image credit: NIH. Image has been edited.

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