Taking Care of Your Family During COVID-19

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Navigating Your Childcare Options During COVID-19

As most places in the United States are in the process of opening up in some way, even as case counts continue to rise, and parents are going back to work–or have been working without childcare for months–the question of what to do with our children is urgent. It’s time for creative solutions. Read this post.

How to Stay Home, Part One: The Three Easiest Things You Can Do to Keep Your Family Well While Staying In During COVID-19

Billions of people around the world are now staying home due to COVID-19. This post has three really simple practices that will help your family meet some of the physiological, psychological, and social needs that we typically meet by going out into the world. Read this post.

Outdoor Toys to Make Fields and Forests Fun for Kids During COVID-19

Playgrounds aren’t an option for many of us at the moment, but our children’s outings can still be joyful. This post has ideas for toys that can help make trips to your balcony, backyard, paved area, open field, beach, or forest a little more exciting. Read this post.

Indoor Toy and Play Ideas for Children Aged 1-8

As parents, we need all the help we can get these days to keep the peace at home. This post has indoor toy and play ideas for children aged 1-8, with an emphasis on toys and activities that promote independent, long-duration play. Read this post.

A Map of Outdoor Destinations in San Francisco Where Social Distancing May Be Possible

While it’s important that we all #stayhome as much as possible these days, there are also a lot of small apartments in San Francisco. So I’m going to keep updating this map as long as outdoor exercise is permitted, as I hope it will help people to get outdoors safely. Read this post.

How Families can Prepare for COVID-19 Before It Arrives

This post lays out things you can do and plan, and things you can buy, to be prepared for COVID-19 before it reaches your community. Originally published on February 25. Read this post.

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